Record query is unable to assert that a record immediately exists in tests created in scoped apps. If the record does not immediately exist, the step will fail.

This issue has no impact on tests created in global scope.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a test in a scoped application.

  2. Add test steps that cause a record to be created on a delay, such as an approval after submitting a catalog request.

  3. Add a test step Record Query with a reasonable timeout (5-10 seconds) to assert a record exists that will be created on a delay (such as an approval while submitting a service catalog request).

  4. Run the test.

    The test sometimes fails because the record query step did not yet find the record, and fails before it can wait for another query attempt.




There is no workaround for tests created in scoped apps. The only way to support a record query that can wait for a record is to create the test in the global scope.


Related Problem: PRB1209940

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 7
Kingston Patch 1

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