In an instance with a lot of text searches, the TS Index Stats job takes a long time to run. The majority of the time is spent in getting the number of queries made to an index over a specified period of days. There is no major impact to the instance because this runs as a scheduled job, but it does cause unnecessary database load and causes the job to take longer than necessary.

Steps to Reproduce

Performance issues occur only on instances with a lot of users generating text searches.

  1. In an instance where a lot of text searches have been executed, navigate to /

  2. Run the following code:

    new GlideTSIndexStatistician().allStats();
  3. Make note of the slow queries.

  4. Navigate to the following URL:

  5. Make note of the slow queries.

    Note that there is no index OOB and the TS Index Stats job runs a long time.



Create a supporting (non-unique) index on the Text Searches [text_search] table, on the Created [sys_created_on], and on Table [table] fields. For more detailed instructions, see the documentation topic Create a table index.


Related Problem: PRB1272388

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