The list view in a domain separated instance shows the choice list labels of the session's domain, instead of the record's domain.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login an instance with the Domain Support plugin activated.
3. Go to domain ACME.
3. Go to sys_choice list.
4. Create a new record:
     Table: incident
     Element: state
     Value: 1
     Label: New - ACME
5. Create a new Incident.
6. Change the domain to global.
7. Go to the incident created in form view.
8. Add the Domain field to the form layout.
9. Notice the State field is 'New - ACME' - as expected.
10. Go to incident.list and notice the value in the State field is 'New' instead of 'New - ACME' as in the form view.


The behaviour is as expected. By design, lists are always using the user session's domain. Trying to follow each record's choice on the list would be confusing, for example in case incidents are in different domains, but we are using multi-row cell editing.


Related Problem: PRB672076

Seen In

Eureka Patch 12
Geneva Patch 7

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