Having the requirement to generate a link to utilize connect chat for a record without having to follow it first (using Follow button functionality in the record's header)


All releases that use Connect Chat


The Follow functionality is controlled through backend code.


There's currently no resolution for this as the Follow functionality is done on a backend of the system where it needs to go through several processes in order to link the record to connect chat.
One of those processes is the creation of the live_group_profile record (every connect conversation needs a corresponding live_group_profile)
The connect chat that happens after the Follow functionality is used has this URL format: 
(Please note that live_group_profile won't exist yet until the Follow functionality is used).

Additional Information

Users can consider using Connect Support instead where users can click on a fixed link to chat and then a record can be created from it after.

That URL would be something like this:

(sys_id of chat queue can be found from chat_queue table).


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:41:04