How to configure contextual search to attach a knowledge article to a different field than the default


This article describes how to change the field that knowledge articles are attached to when a user clicks the Attach button to the right of a knowledge article in contextual search.


1. As a user with the admin role, in the Navigator field, enter sys_properties.list 

2. Click the magnifying-glass button to open the column search fields. 
3. In the Name search field, enter glide.knowman.attach.fields 
4. Open the returned record. Change the Value to the system name of the field you want to attach the knowledge article to, for example: work_notes and then click the Update button. (work_notes is the system name for Work Notes. To find a field's system name, right click the field's label on the form--the system name will appear as the <field> in the 'Show <field>' option.
5. If working on a Production instance, do this step only during off-peak hours to avoid temporary instance slowness: In the Navigator field, enter When the cache has been flushed, you'll see some Servlet Memory statistics in the content frame. 
After the above steps, the content of the knowledge articles should be copied into the Work Notes field rather than the field where they were originally being attached.

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All versions.


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