Data sources sharing import set table could incorrectly execute the wrong transformation and import row numbers will repeat.
You will recognize this problem because the row numbers will repeat on the staging table


repeated row number

Steps to Reproduce


  • Ensure there is no import set in loading state for the following data sources.
  • Create a data source with this name: Test collision1.
    • Import set table name: u_test_collision
    • Type file format: Excel
    • File retrieval method: attachment
    • Attach an Excel file with at least 6000 records (it needs to take a few minutes to load).
    • Save. DO not create a transformation map for this.
  • Create a data source called test sync
    • Import set table name: u_test_collision
    • Type: file
    • Format: CSV
    • Fiel retrieval method: attachment
    • DO not attach any attachment to it.
    • Save.
  • Create a transform map and call it test collision
    • Source is Test colission1
    • Target table is Incident
    • As field maps add number that map to number
    • and Random for example that map to short description

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to the REST API explorer
  2. In API name select Import Set API
  3. Select POST
  4. Staging Table name: u_test_collision
  5. Under the request body add a field:
    • Number =1
    • Random = test
    • Keep this tab opened. DO NOT SEND yet.
  6. In another browser tab go to the Test collision1 data source and click "Load all records".
  7. Make sure that before this import finished, you will press send in the REST API explorer (step 1)

Actual result:

The response in the REST API is empty.

{"import_set": "ISET0010007", 
"staging_table": "u_test_collision",
"result": []  <-- EMPTY

Expected result:

It should show the correct values and retrieved it by the execution of the correct transformation


Create different import tables (staging tables) per data source, therefore different transformation maps for each type of data sources.

Related Problem: PRB1271526

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Kingston Patch 8

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