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Explanation of how to handle query method via a system property called "glide.ts.query.and_or_limit" for global text searches.


By default, this system property has value 0 in an OOB instance. And it's functionality is that if the "AND" query result count is less than or equal to the number value defined in the system property, it will run an "OR" query.


Let's consider keyword text searching ("Pizza", "Burgers") on an incident table.

  • 5 incidents contain "Pizza" keyword in their short_description field.
  • 5 other incidents contain "Burgers" keyword in their short_description field.
  • 5 other incidents contain "Pizza" and "Burgers" keyword in their short_description field.

So, if we are in incident table list view and under the header we perform keyword search, the number of results depend on what value this system property has at that time.

Hence, the test cases conducted were the following:

Keywords search System Property's ValueResultsQuery Type
 pizza burgers 0 15OR
 pizza burgers 6 5 AND
 pizza burgers 4 15OR

Please note that this functionality works only on indexed tables and when the "default query mode" field for the respective tables has value as "AND_OR" instead of "Default" (that does only AND query).

Additional Information

Change the query mode of an indexed table: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/jakarta-platform-administration/page/administer/search-administration/task/configure-table-query-mode.html

Apply configuration to search: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/jakarta-platform-administration/page/administer/contextual-search/task/t_ApplyConfigurationToSearch.html


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