How does the "All Application" discovery scheduled works?


When I do "Discover Now" from this discovery schedule, "All Applications", it does NOT trigger the discovery on all the existing maps.  It will only trigger discovery on maps which are operational.



When running rediscovery on "all application" what is done is the following. 
1) We go through all cmdb_ci_appl Ci's (and their descendants) from all Business Services that are Operational. 
2) We then take the incoming endpoint of that Ci. 
3) We go to sa_endpoint_status (where it holds the reference to the endpoint). 
4) We change the value of the state to "waiting for discovery" (0). 
Then a scheduler sends the request for discovery to the ECC QUE and rediscovery is done 
(if there are new outgoing connection, they are added to the game). 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:14:25