Using two consecutive dot-walked field of a Database view causes the columns to show empty values for both the list view and List type reports

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure the glide.ui.list.optimize system property is set to true.

  2. Create a List Type report on the Incident Metric database view.

    Note – Instead of a report, you can also reproduce the issue by configuring the list layout.

  3. Add the Configuration Item.Asset.Location.Name and Configuration Item.Asset.Location.City fields.

  4. Make sure there are more than two records that have value for these dot-walked fields in the incident table.

  5. Add the following filter in the report: Configuration Item.Asset.Location IS NOT EMPTY.

    Note that both the fields are empty.


Make sure that the parent of the dot-walked field is also on the list.

For example, say the following fields are added into a report / list:

  • Configuration Item.Asset.Location.Name 
  • Configuration Item.Asset.Location.City 
  • Configuration Item.Asset.Location

The issue  will not occur because the parent field Configuration Item.Asset.Location is also on the List/Report.

Related Problem: PRB1270807

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 3

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