ServiceNow Recommendations for Modifying Max Length of name and domain_path fields in Domain table | Domain Separation


This article explains why it is NOT recommended to modify the Max Length for domain.name or domain.domain_path fields on the Domain table from the out of box values


  • The system constantly calculates and maintains the domain_path values based on the domain.name values and domain hierarchy within the domain structure
  • A domain path is a series of 3 character codes separated by a slash delimiter which uniquely identifies the domain. 
  • In out of box instances, domain.name has a max limit of 40 characters and domain Path has a 255 character max length
  • The domain tree supports 216,000 child domains with 63 levels within each domain 
  • Domain Path max length of 255 characters is just enough to support the maximum number of domains records and levels permitted within the instance
  • As a result, if the underlying MaxLength values for domain.name or domain.domain_path fields are modified to either increase or truncate (truncating is never recommended anyways), there is no telling if the domain_paths can be calculated accurately by the system. 

Conclusion: ServiceNow does NOT recommend making any changes to the Max Length of domain.name and domain.domain_path fields

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Last Updated:2018-04-15 21:44:46