The reference field popup on the OOB Self-Service page (Catalog Items icons) shows an Open Record link that, when clicked, shows the record producer (or base record) and not the expected target page.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. As the ITIL user, log in and select Self-Service as the homepage.

  2. In the OOB Catalog Widget labeled "Can We Help You?", mouse over the icon next to New Hire.

  3. Click the Open Record button.

    The resulting page is the Catalog Item base record rather than the New Hire page.




For the Top Requests widget, hide the Open Record button from non-admin users by adding the following lines to the UI macro sc_catalog_homepage_item (345c23800a0a0aa7007d46e66544d541) after line 2:

<j:if test="${!gs.hasRole('admin')}">
   <style> div.sc_popup_header a { display:none !important; } </style>


Related Problem: PRB1267089

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