The new SC Categories widget in Kingston does not display category counts that are synchronized with User Criteria.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login as admin on an early Kingston instance.
  2. Activate the User Criteria plugin and enable it in Portal Properties.
    2. Navigate to Service Catalog item on native UI (such as Request Knowledge Base under "How can we help you?" category).
    3. Create a new user criteria under "not available for" related list.
    4. Add "Able Tuter" to the newly created user criteria.
    5. Impersonate "Able Tuter".
    6. Navigate to SP and sc category page:

    Notice the Service Catalog item "Request Knowledge Base" is not available for "Abel Tuter", however the count is still showing a non refreshed value.


This problem was fixed in Kingston Patch 5 and later releases. There is no workaround applicable on earlier patches.


Related Problem: PRB1261865

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 5

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