How non-admin users can share a template with users who have write access to the table


This document explains how a non-admin user can share a template with everyone in the organization who has write access to the table.



A user can share a template with all the users by making the template global. There is a global checkbox for all the template records. The user needs to have the template_editor_global role to view/edit this field in sys_template records in out-of-the-box instances. This roles is controlled by the following ACLs:

  • https://<instance_name>
  • https://<instance_name>
You can either add necessary user_roles to these ACLs or add users to the template_editor_global role for them to have access to the field in sys_template fields. Once these ACLs are configured, non-admin users with necessary roles would be able to view and edit the global field on sys_template records so that they can be used globally.

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