When discovering a Windows 7 Desktop, both the Windows - Storage 2008 and Windows - Storage 2012 multiprobes are triggered. However, only Windows - Storage 2008 should be triggered.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run a discovery on a Windows 7 desktop.

  2. Open the status and look at the ECC Queue records.

    Verify that there are records for both Windows - Storage 2008 and Windows - Storage 2012 multiprobes.



  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > CI Classification > Windows.

  2. Open the record with the name Windows.

  3. Go to the Triggers probes related list.

  4. Find the MultiProbe-Windows - Storage 2012 classifier probe and change the Condition script from:
    new Version(values.get('osVersion')).greaterThan('6.1')
    new Version(values.get('osVersion')).greaterThan('6.2')

    This adjustment causes Windows 7 Discovery to use only the Windows Storage 2008 multiprobe.



Related Problem: PRB1247107

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