Mandatory attribute on a Label variable associated to Checkboxes does not get enforced and no */asterisk is displayed indicating that the label is mandatory 


Jakarta and later releases


This is expected behavior and ServiceNow team has explicitly stated that the functionality was actually NOT working correctly in previous releases such as Helsinki where the Label variable was showing with an asterisk to indicate mandatory. The fact that red * was shown in Helsinki for Label variables was a wrong behavior, and it never supported a true mandatory check


-- To make checkbox mandatory, instead of setting the label variable associated to the checkbox as mandatory, set any of the checkboxes as mandatory by setting checkbox variable as mandatory or using catalog UI Policy. For more information please see the doc link under Additional Information.
-- The workaround here would be to set one of the checkbox variables as mandatory and this should make all the checkboxes mandatory. 
-- After setting the first checkbox variable to mandatory, the system will display the mandatory asterisk as well as enforce mandatory in Service Catalog

Additional Information

-- Read about Service catalog UI policy and Types of service catalog variables: Check Box

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:14:50