This issue can produce blank pages or pages that seem to be loading but never do. It can also cause many different kinds of issues for things that rely heavily on requests such as Connect and Service Portal.

Look for the following in the application logs:

"WARNING *** WARNING *** GlideRequestManager:Request ignored: <some_transaction>"


  • Kingston
  • Jakarta Patch 6 and beyond
  • Istanbul Patch 11 and beyond


A temporary workaround (adding and setting the com.glide.request.max_waiters system property) for a Chat related issue was left in an instance in which a permanent fix for the issue was applied. It essentially causes the same issue for the fixed instance for which it was applied as a temporary workaround earlier.


Remove the property.
  1. Go to the property.

  2. Delete the value so there is no value.

  3. Save the record.

    This makes sure that the value of 20 does not get cached when you delete the property.

  4. Delete the property completely from your instance.

  5. In scripts background, run "gs.print(gs.getProperty('com.glide.request.max_waiters')); to verify the cached value has been removed. You should expect to see a value of 'null
  6. If you get any other value, you will have to create a standard change in HI to restart the instance which will clear the cached value. Please follow steps outlined in SOP -



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