When a MID Server submits a database query to the instance and the system property glide.soap.omit_null_values is set to true (default setting is false), then by design the instance omits information about empty fields in the SOAP payload sent back to the MID Server. This causes discovery to fail.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Set the system property glide.soap.omit_null_values to true.

    If this system property is not present, add it. For more information, see the product documentation topic Add system properties.

  2. Run a discovery (or just a probe) that uses sudo via SSHCommand probe.

    The Discovery log will contains one of the following messages:

    • UnknownException + stack trace, with a NullPointerException + stack trace nested inside UnknownException
    • SSHCommand: null with no exception information




Set the system property glide.soap.omit_null_values to false or remove it.  This property is not present out-of-box; the property value defaults to false.

Related Problem: PRB1250516

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