Issue Summary

Despite having the it_project_user and project_user roles, non-admin users are receiving the "You do not have access to any dashboards. For more information, contact your system administrator." message when viewing the Summary of a project in Project Workspace. As per the Kingston documentation, only it_project_user should be required to see the Summary tab in Project Workspace.
Most Probable Cause

The 'Summary' tab in the Project Workspace is a Performance Analytics Responsive Dashboard. To be able to see responsive dashboards, the property 'glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout' needs to be set to 'true'. If Responsive Canvas was not enabled in Helsinki, Istanbul, or Jakarta, Responsive Dashboards functionality is not enabled on upgrade to Kingston, Responsive Dashboards plugins are activated by default, but the 'glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout' system property is still set to 'false'. 


Solution Proposed

Responsive Dashboards need to be activated by setting the 'glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout' system property to 'true'.



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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:14:58
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