After upgrade or probe/sensor customization the sensor cannot process the probe's payload and the following error is seen:

Sensor error when processing <probe_link>: The <sensor_link>'s major version = <version_number> while its <probe_link>'s major version = <version_number>

Root Cause

A sensor's major version must match its corresponding probe's major version. A sensor must know how the payload is structured in order to process it successfully. If the major version of the sensor/probe combination is different, the probe's output is probably not formatted as the sensor expects. This could cause further errors and unexpected behavior.


Note: In the following example, the error is for the Windows - Classify probe; however, the steps would be the same for other probe/sensor combinations.

To resolve the error, the probe/sensor major version must match. This can be done by updating the sensor or the probe. In the following procedure, the sensor version is updated.

  1. Click on the link for both the probe and sensor in the error message

    Error Message

  2. Review the probe/sensor.

  3. Export the sensor.

    Export Sensor

  4. Update the sensor's major_version to match the probe's major_version.

    Update Sensor

  5. Re-import the sensor XML file.

    If the following figure does not match your instance version, see the product documentation topic Export and import XML files.

    Import XML

  6. Run discovery again.

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