Request Approval for a Standard Change Proposal results in message "No Approver present. Please request System Administrator to configure Approvers."


The is present in any release where you have activated the 'Change Management - Standard Change Catalog' plugin (com.snc.change_management.standard_change_catalog).


This is the expected behavior if approvers have not been configured for your Standard Change Proposal process.

  1. In the base system, we provide a Standard Change Proposal workflow to drive the approval and publishing process.
  2. The workflow uses the base system Change Management group for an 'Approval - Group' activity in the workflow.
    1. This group has the change_manager role.
    2. The base system also has the Change Manager user defined as the only member for the group.
  3. When you remove demo data from your instance, the base system user and group and removed from the instance. 

If you do not update the Standard Change Proposal...

...and you have removed the base system Change Management group from your instance...

...or you still have the original group and have removed all the members from it...

...the workflow will get to the Approval - Group activity, but it will not find any approvers and it will skip to the activity to produce the message.


To correct the behavior, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow Editor.
  2. Select the Standard Change Proposal from the available workflows.
  3. Use the Hover over feature for the Change Manager Group Approval Approval - Group activity.
  4. If the Approvers.Groups value only shows the sys_id a715cd759f2002002920bde8132e7018, the original base system group has been removed from your instance and you will get this error.

Edit the workflow, and ensure the Approval - Group activity has a valid group specified for the Approvers. 

This group must have members, and the group must also have the role change_manager.

If the original Change Management group is still in your instance, make sure you add the users to the group.


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