When editing a list using "Update Selected" or "Update All", if there is an active Business Rule intended to set a value on a read only field (for example copying the value from another field on the same table being listed), this will fail and the value will not be set.
Editing the record in any other way, like form view, list view, or client scripts, will work and the value on the target read-only field will be set.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Use the attached Update Set to create the table (u_int3135021_v1), fields (Base field, Read only and Read write) and Business Rule (BR_int3135021_v1).
2. Open the list  of table "u_int3135021_v1".
3. Create a few records populating only the "Base field". Notice that "Read only" and "Read Write" fields have the same values.
5. Select some of these records, right click the table header and choose "Update Selected" from the context menu.
6. Change the "Base field" value to something else and Update.
Notice that only "Base field" and "Read Write" fields get updated. The same happens when using "Update All" rather than "Update Selected". The read only field is not being populated when using "Update Selected" or "Update All", even though the Business Rule is executed and the debug log shows the value being set.


After carefully considering the severity and frequency of the issue, and the cost and risk of attempting a fix, it has been decided to not address this issue in any current or near future releases. We do not make these decisions lightly, and we apologize for any inconvenience.
If you are only trying to update one field of these records at a time, the workaround is to use the list edit mode. Documentation for how to do this can be found here: Edit multiple records in a list using the list editor


Related Problem: PRB837902

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Helsinki Patch 7

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