HTML fields display with HTML Tags when exported and rendered in Excel format from List view:

1) Navigate to any list view which has an HTML Field.

2) Right Click on the headers

3) Export > Excel (.xlsx)

4) Observe the rows content after downloaded into the Excel file.

Export Excel


This ability to hide HTML Tags is currently not a part of the product.


Use Visual Basic Editor in Excel to clean the exported content.

The code to change a column from HTML to plain text can be something like this:


Sub StripTags()

      Dim cell               As Range

      Dim s                     As String

      Dim asWd()           As String

      Dim iWd                 As Long


      For Each cell In Intersect(Selection.Cells, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)

              s = Replace(cell.Value, Chr(160), " ")

              s = Replace(s, ">", "<")

              s = Replace(s, vbCr, vbLf)


              asWd = Split(s, "<")

              s = vbNullString

              For iWd = 0 To UBound(asWd) Step 2

                      s = s & " " & asWd(iWd)

              Next iWd


              Do While InStr(s, vbLf & " ")

                      s = Replace(s, vbLf & " ", vbLf)



              Do While InStr(s, vbLf & vbLf)

                      s = Replace(s, vbLf & vbLf, vbLf)



              cell.Value = WorksheetFunction.Trim(s)

      Next cell

End Sub



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See more extensive details and instructions in the community post Rendering HTML in Exported Lists.

Documentation pages: List export

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