How to add History list within the form section (tab) 


This article will describe how a form section can be created to add History of that record on the form, rather than going through Context menu History/List to view the audit history


1) Create a "Relationship" record to relate the parent table with the history table. 
-- System Definition > Relationships 
-- Click New 
-- Give it any Title of your choice [ex: History] 
-- Applies to table: Incident [or any table where you want this section] 
-- Queries from table: History [sys_history_line] 
-- Query with: Enter the following line of code at Line #4 and Submit. 


2) Navigate to the Incident table. 
-- Configure Form Layout 
-- In the "Form view and section", scroll all the way down in "Section". 
-- Click New and give it a caption. 
-- This will create an empty section. 
-- From "Available" slushbucket, find "History" and put it on the Selected list. 
-- Save. 

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