Is it possible to make Service Portal the mobile home page or redirect users to Service Portal when they log in using the mobile app?


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Some customers may want users to land on the Service Portal page when they first log into an instance through the mobile app.


It's not possible to make the Service Portal page or any other portal page be the home page in the mobile applications. There is no workaround for this.

Also, it’s not possible to redirect users of the mobile app directly to a portal page upon login.

Other Options:

1. Users of the mobile app can access the Service Portal page by tapping the Service Portal mobile module from the mobile navigator menu.


A custom portal page can be added as a mobile module following the steps in the documentation

Configure the mobile application navigator

2. You can create a mobile home page module so that mobile users can access a portal page from the mobile home page. Mobile Home Page Modules are described in this documentation:

Customize default mobile home pages


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