On instances where the sys_upgrade_history_log form layout has been customized and the File Differences field has been removed from the form layout, the field might still be displayed with a message of "Local version of update not found" instead of the file differences.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Customize the form layout to include the payload_diff field.

  2. Upgrade the instance from the current version to a non-Jakarta version.

  3. Check any of the skipped records and make sure the File Differences field is on the form.

    Note that the field is populated.

  4. Upgrade the instance to any Jakarta version or later.

  5. Check any of the skipped records.

    Note that the File Differences field now says 'Local version of update not found'. Every skipped upgrade displays this message instead of the file differences.



The inline comparison feature has been replaced with a more robust Resolve Conflicts UI Action. On the Upgrade Details form for the record you are reviewing, click Resolve Conflicts.

The system displays the Resolve Conflicts form, which highlights differences between the two versions of the record. The form displays information about the base system record on the left and the customized record on the right.

For more information, see the product documentation topic Resolve Conflicts form.


Related Problem: PRB1208726

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