Recommend Migrating to Modern Browser

ServiceNow recommends that customers use a modern browser for its products and migrate away from Internet Explorer 11 and classic Microsoft Edge due to significant performance issues.

If you are on the New York release and you are using Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge with any workspaces, such as Service Owner Workspace, Vendor Manager Workspace, or any type of Agent Workspace, you must migrate to a modern browser before you upgrade to future releases. Internet Explorer 11 and classic Microsoft Edge will no longer be supported starting with the Orlando release. Instead, use Microsoft Edge Chromium or one of the other browsers ServiceNow supports.

Significant Performance Issues Compared to Modern Browsers

Internet Explorer 11 can be considerably slower, sometimes up to 2 times slower, when compared to other modern browsers on the ServiceNow platform.  Internet Explorer 11 is considered a legacy browser and is not recommended from a perspective of performance.

Reasons for sub-optimal performance in Internet Explorer 11

  • AngularJS (modern web development framework)
    • Starting in Fuji, ServiceNow began to use Angular JS which creates some additional overhead for browsers
  • Utilization of modern web and development standards
    • For example, ServiceNow uses inline scripting throughout the platform. Internet Explorer 11 has sub-optimal performance while parsing and executing inline JavaScript code.
  • Migration of UI15 to UI16
    • In Geneva+ ServiceNow migrated from UI15 to UI16 utilizing a lot more client-side functionality.  This exacerbates Internet Explorer 11 performance issues.
  • Browser memory leaks

Microsoft Statement on IE11 issues

Two critical aspects of browser performance are (1) javascript parsing and execution and (2) memory usage on the client.  Below is information regarding the performance of these areas as they relate to ServiceNow instances and information from Microsoft related to the sub-optimal performance of IE11:

Microsoft has confirmed with ServiceNow Development that they recognize IE11 processes are leaking memory under certain circumstances and confirmed this is a known issue. They have also clarified that IE11 has been a deprecated browser since January 2016. This issue actually affects not only ServiceNow but all websites using iFrames. We have seen an increase in reports of IE11 having performance issues since the release of Geneva due to the higher use of memory on the client.

Lastly, Microsoft is no longer fixing feature bugs (including this issue) and will be providing only security-related fixes for IE11.

Microsoft bug reports

Microsoft reported the issue for their browser in the following reports:

ServiceNow Workarounds (If Unable to Migrate)

Some recommendations to help alleviate IE11 memory leak issues are:
  • Reduce the number of records in lists to 20
  • Reduce memory footprint of client-side code (custom UI scripts, client scripts, UI policies, revert to UI15, etc.)
  • Request end users to completely close and reopen their browsers after they have been in use for extended periods of time
  • Open all forms and lists outside of an iFrame on a separate tab
  • Disable automatic spell checking in IE11

Additionally, refer to the following Community post on Internet Explorer 11 process leaks memory in Windows 7

Impacted Plugins

Advanced Work Assignment for Incidents (Agent Workspace), Agent Chat (Agent Workspace), Agent Workspace, Agent Workspace – Knowledge, Agent Workspace – List, Agent Workspace – Predictive Intelligence, Agent Workspace – Ribbon, Alert Intelligence (Event Management – Agent Workspace), Analytics Center (Agent Workspace), CMDB Workspace, Field Service Management Workspace , Financial Management for SPM (Owner Workspace), FSM Agent Workspace, Human Resources Scoped App: Workspace , ITSM Workspace, ITSM Workspace Landing Pages, ITSM Workspace Landing Pages Premium, Operational Intelligence – WS Scoped App, Operator Workspace, Quick Actions (Agent Workspace Chat), Service Catalog – Workspace, Service Owner Workspace, Service Portfolio Management Premium, Service Workspace, Vendor Manager Workspace, Vendor Manager Workspace – Core , Walk-Up Experience (Agent Workspace), Workspace Core

Additional Information

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