How to find how many users are accessing an instance through the mobile app


 How to check how many and which users are logging into an instance using the ServiceNow mobile app and which mobile devices they are using.


1. In the Application Navigator, go to System Log > Transactions (All user)

2. Personalize the list and add the User Agent column (which will show the device used)

3. Filter the URL column for starts with /api/now/v1/mobileapp/devices

4. By default, only Today’s transactions will be filtered, but you can show the filter and modify the Created on value to, for example, Last Month to show all logins through the mobile app over the past month.

5. Also, the Created By column shows the user’s userid. You can click the context menu for the Created By column and select Group By Created by.

Applicable Versions

Verified on Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, and Kingston.


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:40:39