Attempting to attach multiple large files at the same time may cause an OOM error. The attachment window may show the attachments loading for several minutes, but the transaction never actually completes. Some attachments may appear as duplicates in the activity stream and in the Manage Attachment section, while others may fail.


Istanbul and Jakarta have had issues with Images over 5MB. Optimization has been performed in Kingston and later.


When an image is attached to a form, it gets scaled down rendered as a thumbnail in the Activity Stream (formatter), so users can see the images in line with their updates. This process is achieved through system property "glide.ui.activity_stream.scale_images" which is active by default in the platform. When attachments are larger than 5MB and the activity formatter attempts to render the thumbnail, this can cause an out of memory event.


There is a system property that can be added to an instance to manage the maximum image scaling dimensions. The platform limits the size of attachments that can be loaded into memory to prevent performance degradation from occurring. The value set in this property "com.glide.attachment.max_get_size" would allow administrators to specify a maximum number of megabytes to which a thumbnail would render. Specifically with this property set, if the value is at 5242880, then any image over 5242880 bytes (5MB) would render as a link instead of a thumbnail in the activity stream.
Navigate to sys_properties.list and add the following record:

Name - com.glide.attachment.max_get_size
Type - integer
Value - 5242880

The value field metric is set in bytes and the default recommended value is 5242880. Admins can adjust this value as needed. It is not recommended to increase this property to a large value beyond 5MB as it can significantly increase the risk of running out of free memory, resulting in an outage.



"com.glide.attachment.max_get_size" is different from the "com.glide.attachment.max_size" property which limits the total maximum size of an attachment that can be uploaded to the system. The default value for this property is set to 1024 (MB) and is present in every environment OOB. Property "com.glide.attachment.max_get_size" is not present OOB and must be manually added to your system in order to take effect.

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