Search results through Global Search are showing the results as "No Title" instead of the record's short description.


Jakarta and later


UI16 with using the new Global Search functionality starting with Jakarta


The blue bolded text in your search results is called the Title element.

The system utilizes the first string field that is not the Number field as the Title element. If you have a string field added to your list layout that has empty values, the "No Title" text will display in search results. 


Out of box system property "glide.ui.text_search.view" specifies the List view used for Global Text Search results. This property is set to "text_search" by default. If there is not a Text Search view defined for the table, the Default view will be utilized. 

The "No Title" issue arises when the string field that has been added to the list layout (Short Description, Called ID, etc) is blank, or these fields have not been added to the list for the system to display the information in the search results.
Here are the specific steps to resolve this in context with the current example of Short Description field displaying 'No Title' for the Default view:

1) Login as an admin
2) Navigate to the affected table list 'Default' view (i.e. incident.list).
3) Right-click on any column and Configure > List Layout. Or for List v3, click the cog wheel > Configure > List Layout.
4) Add in the 'Short description' field to the top of the list so it is the first string field selected for the Title element.

If you do not want to modify the Default view, create a text_search view for your table instead by following these steps: 

1) Log in as admin and navigate to the affected table (incident.list) in the filter navigator. 
2) Right-click on any of the column name to select Configure > List Layout. Or for List v3, click the cog wheel > Configure > List Layout.
3) In the List view section, click the view name drop-down menu and select "New". 
4) Name the view exactly "text_search" then click OK. 
5) Verify "text_search" is the selected view and then move "Short Description" to the top of the slush bucket and add any other fields you'd like to see. 
6) Click Save. 

Customers may apply the above fix for any field supported by Global Search that is having this issue

Additional Information

Excerpt from our product documentation:

"Global search uses the first string field in the text search view that is not the number field. If there is no matching string field or the contents of the field is empty, the system displays the text "No title" in the session language. For example, in the default incident table view the short description field meets the criteria to be the title."

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