Creating a Change Request from a Visual task board Freedom board, the 'type' field is blank and read only.


Issue specific to all Jakarta and previous releases.


This happens because the Change Request wizard that asks you which type of Change Request you want to create does not open from the Visual Task Boards and the customer does not have a default value set for the 'type' field in the dictionary.


Modify the write ACL on the change request table for the 'type' field, 'change_request.type'. You can remove the roles restriction currently set to 'nobody' and leave it empty or you can remove the role 'nobody' and add the roles of the users who create change requests.
Add a default value to the dictionary entry for the 'type' field on the Change Request table.
You can use the below URL path to access the ACL:
If the URL path does not take you to the correct write ACL, you can search for Write ACLs on the Change Request table for the 'type' field or a 'change_request.*' ACL.

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Last Updated:2018-04-11 10:38:23