How to link a Connect Support conversation to an existing Record 


There is not an OOB process to easily associate a Connect Support conversation to an existing record like you can a new one, but it can be done manually if this functionality is needed. You may need to edit some ACLs or create a custom process to do this. This article only describes the Data which needs to be changed.


There is a Document ID and Table field on the live_group_profile record which exists for every Connect Support conversation that points to which Task record is used for the conversation. If you manually change this from the default chat_queue_entry record for the conversation to an existing record (incident, case, etc.) then all new Comments and Work Notes from the conversation will show up in that record. This does not copy over the existing comments from the conversation before it is linked to that record.


You can find the live_group_profile record for a conversation on the Group field of chat_queue_entry.

Here are some basic steps to manually change the association as the agent who has the right roles (need to be able to read and read/write to the live_group_profile Table and Document ID fields). The process is easier from the list since the field is not editable in the form and you may not be able to click thought it.

1) Go to chat_queue_entry.list

2) Add the Group column to the list and then click it on the record you want to change to go to the live_group_profile record for that chat.

3) Add the Document ID and Table fields to the form

4) Change the Table to Incident and then use the Search icon on the Document ID field to change the Document to the Incident you want associated with the chat.

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