Audio notifications are not working when you would expect for Connect or Connect Support


Everything after Geneva. Audio notifications for Connect are not supported in Geneva. KB0597926


1) This can be because of a misunderstanding of when audio notifications or other notifications should fire in Connect. Here is a breakdown of when they should fire. 

Audio notifications fire when there is not a visual indication of an update ot he conversation. Therefore, when a tab that does not contain an open Connect sidebar or the main Connect page is in focus, we fire audio notifications. If the tab in focus contains either one of those we do not fire the audio notification. This is true even if the tab with focus is behind another window. 


2) This can also be because of some browser or computer issue preventing audio overall for the instance. 

3) Audio Notifications are either disabled globally or for that user.


To verify that audio overall works for the instance

1) Navigate to System UI > Audio Files

2) Select a record and click the Play button. 

If the sound form that record does not work then fix the audio configuration on your computer until you get sound from that page. This will likly fix the issues with audio in connect.


Make sure notifications are enabled both Globally and for those users.

Enableing Connect Notifications Globally. 


Edit notifications for individual Conversations


Additional Information

When audio notifications are not working for a user entering the queue. KB0683132


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