How to disable Service Portal SSO auto redirection


 The Login widget for Service Portal will be redirected to Single Sign On (SSO) when the following conditions are satisfied,

  1. If the user is not logged in
  2. MultiSSO is enabled using "glide.authenticate.multisso.enabled" system property
  3. Default IDP is set using "glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp" system property


To disable this auto redirection and you want the user to use the login pages for Service Portal, you need to add the following Additional options, JSON format to the widget instance of the Login widget:


      "bypass_sso": {
           "value": true,
           "displayValue": true


Please Note: The header also has a login link which displays the same behavior, However the Login widget instance can be accessed by search for “login-modal” in the ID field for “sp_instance” table.

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Last Updated:2018-04-02 11:24:38