Unexpected behavior of the "SC catalog item" widget encountered since Jakarta: While in the "SC Catalog Item" widget, when a user presses the Enter key in an input field, browser attachments dialog opens.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to https://<instance_name>
  2. Set focus in any text input field and press Enter.
  3. Notice that this opens the attachment dialog box to select the file

Pressing the Enter key in a variable or field will trigger the last element on the page instead of submit.


To resolve this issue, you can use one of the below proposed workarounds:

1. This problem can be resolved by placing the input fields outside the form tag, this will prevent the form from being submitted on pressing enter.


2. If the customer is using widget "SC Catalog Item Deprecated", try using the newer version of this widget: "SC Catalog Item"

>>> https://<instance_name>


Related Problem: PRB1189578

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 3

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 9

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:41:11