New features replacing Service Planner
in Service Mapping


Beginning with the Kingston release, you do not create planned business service separately prior to mapping them.

This article describes new features in Service Mapping that replace the previous Service Planner functionality.

Feature descriptions


Previous Service Planner procedureNew procedureComments 
Create empty phasesN/A You do not need to create phases to map business service in bulk.
Import planned business services from the CSV fileMap multiple business services from a CSV file Attention! The new procedure is different. You cannot reuse the CSV file you used for the Planner feature. Reorganize information in the CSV file as described in the new procedure. 
Import planned business services from load-balancersMap multiple business services suggested by Service MappingService Mapping now automatically extracts entries directly from load balancers on your network and converts them into potential entry points.
Add planned business services to phases manuallyMap a single business service or Map multiple business services suggested by Service MappingYou no longer need to plan business services and add the planned business serviced to phases. Instead, you can map either single or multiple business services. 
Collect data Map a single business serviceAs an administrator, you can now request data from the business service owner. This action is part of mapping a single business service. 
Check entry point connectivity N/A 
Create actual business services during planning Map a single business serviceYou now create actual business services during mapping without planning them prior to mapping. 
Review business services and Approve business services during planning Review business service mapsThe review and approval process is significantly enhanced. See Review and approval of business service maps for more information.
Fix actual business services during planningFix business service errors in bulk or Fix errors in individual business service maps  You can now fix business services in bulk and individually.


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