Approval activity from workflow is not being logged correctly from approval request via workflow.  This happens only when the approval is being created by the workflow while the request is first being created because the business rule on approvals cannot find the request record yet to add the journal entry.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Administration > Properties and confirm that the property labeled "Log user approval activity - such as requested, approved and rejected - in the Approval History journal when using workflows to manage the approvals for a task" is checked.

  2. Input the attached Activity History Incomplete workflow.

  3. Create a new change request to trigger the workflow.

  4. Open the change request. 

    Note that the expected entry in the Approval history, "System Administrator requested to approve task",  is missing.

  5. Log in as system admin and approve the request.

  6. Open the change request and verify another entry is in the Approval history: "System Administrator approved the task".

    If you use the attached Activity History Complete workflow, which has a timer before approval activity, to repeat these steps, you will see two activity history logs in the Approval history.




Use one of the following workarounds:

  • Set the "Run after bus. rules run" field on the wf_workflow_version to true.

  • Edit the workflow and insert a short timer before the approval activity.

  • Change the request process so the workflow is not started until after the request is made and updated.


Related Problem: PRB583754

Seen In

Berlin Patch 5 Hot Fix 1
Calgary Patch 2
Dublin Patch 4

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