Users are getting Security constraints prevent access to requested page error when trying to select a service provider on creating or editing a notification device in the user preference window


The active service provider (cmn_notif_service_provider) records number has surpassed the specified value on the system property glide.ui.max_ref_dropdown causing the reference field to become a normal reference field from it being a drop-down type.


There are several solution options as per below that could be applied for this issue:

  1. Reduce the number of active cmn_notif_service_provider so it is 25 or less, or
  2. Increase the number of the system property glide.ui.max_ref_dropdown, or
  3. Create the appropriate table level read ACL on cmn_notif_service_provider so even if the reference field turns into a normal magnifying glass users would still have access (as long as they pass the ACL)

Additional Information

glide.ui.max_ref_dropdown has this description:

"Maximum number of records allowed for a reference field displayed as a choice list. If more records than this are available, default reference field UI is used."

This is the expected platform behavior:

  1. When reference fields are loaded as a dropdown, an unprivileged user can see them regardless of ACL.
  2. When there are enough references (meaning the active records surpassed the number specified on the property) it does a lookup that does respect ACL (so if no ACL is specified non-admin users will fail access by default).

Article Information

Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:15:39