If the Basic Configuration UI16 page contains redundant fields, the first field displays correctly, but subsequent fields display with a broken color picker. To resolve this issue, remove the redundant property from the System Configuration UI16 category.

Steps to Reproduce

In the Application Navigator, find System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16 

There should be a text input and color picker for each color field. All color fields should be unique with no duplicates


If there are broken color pickers, it is usually related to duplicate field entries. These can be resolved by removing the redundant property from the category System Configuration UI16:

  1. Navigate to System Properties > Categories in the Application Navigator, or /
  2. Find and open category named System Configuration UI16
  3. Edit the list of properties, removing any redundant fields

The form should display correctly when navigating to the Basic Configuration UI16 page.

Related Problem: PRB1248003

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