Indicators with an ampersand in their name (for example, ' Open P1&2 Incidents') show '&amp' instead of '&'  in the list of indicators for List type widgets. Note the following about this issue:
  • Occurs with responsive and non-responsive dashboards 
  • Occurs for automated and formula indicators 
  • Does NOT occur on the scorecards page; 
  • Occurs for both visualizations on list type widgets on a dashboard; 'spider' or 'scorecard'

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new automated or formula indicator with an & in its name (for example, "Open P1&2 Incidents"); enter a group for the indicator, for example, "testgroup".
2. Create a new widget. 
3. Choose widget type List and visualization scorecard.
4. Select the indicator group testgroup.
5. Save the widget
6. Create a new PA dashboard (or use an existing one) and add the widget that was just created.

Note that the indicator name includes '&amp' instead of '&'  in its name in the list of indicators.


Use "and" instead of the & ampersand character in indicator names.

Related Problem: PRB1263915

Seen In

Kingston Patch 3a

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 7

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