When Two Step is enabled for Standard Change, standard change template attachments are not copied to newly created Change requests

Steps to Reproduce

Prerequisite: Standard Change Catalog plugin is enabled
  1. Navigate to Standard change properties and ensure the Two step checkbox is unticked
  2. Under Change application, navigate to All templates, select an existing template
    • For example, Reboot Windows Server
  3. Under Related Links, click on Modify template
  4. Fill in the mandatory field, modify the description to something to recognize later, and attach a document to the form
    • For example, an excel document and click Request Approval
  5. Under Approvers related list, approve the template 
  6. Navigate back to All templates under Change application, select the modified template
  7. Check that your current template version has been updated to Version 2
  8. Click on Create Standard change related link, notice that the newly change record has the attachment
  9. Navigate to Standard change properties and ensure the Two step checkbox is ticked
  10. Repeat steps 6 and 8 and notice that the newly changed record has no attachment
  11. Similarly, creating the standard change from the standard change catalog does NOT add the attachment though the description does have the 'new' value from step 4 though


Import the Business Rule attached (sys_script_e95f2a7fcbe01300dff9b9c0c24c9cbb.xml)

Related Problem: PRB1256501

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