There should be a space between Table label(User) and User's name on the Form header. However, in Kingston, if users switch to UI15, there is no space between Table label(User) and User's name on the header.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login a demo Kingston instance 

2. Switch to UI15

3. Go to any form e.g. User record:
/<sys_id of the user record>

4. Notice there is no space between the Table label(User) and the User's name on the header

5. This happens in all forms. For example, Form header title for incident e.g. "Incident INCXXXXXX" is displayed as "IncidentINCXXXXXX".


The following workaround introduces the hyphen ("-" ) in the form header on all the records across the instance in UI15. This solution is not an official patch and will need to be tested thoroughly on a non-prod instance before being validated and activated. 

Create a global Client Script with the code below:

function onLoad() {
   //Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below
   var sheet = (function() { 
// Create the <style> tag 
var style = document.createElement("style"); 
// WebKit hack :( 
// Add the <style> element to the page 
return style.sheet; 
// Missing CSS Rule that will fix the Form Display Value for UI15 
sheet.insertRule("HTML[data-doctype=true] H2.form_header .form_display_value:not(:empty):before { content: ' - '; }"); 

Related Problem: PRB1247562

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Kingston Patch 5

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