Unable to hide container using UI policy if mandatory variables within container are populated

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a catalog item with variable in the following order:

    • Mandatory? (type: checkbox)
    • Readonly? (type: checkbox)
    • Hide? (type: checkbox)
    • Additional Details (type: container start)
    • Explain (type: Single Line Text)
    • Container End
  2. Create a UI policy with the following values: 

    • Mandatory? checked --> Marks all variables in container as mandatory
    • Readonly? checked --> Marks all variables in container as readonly
    • Hide? checked --> Hides all variable in container
  3. Try this item.

  4. Check 'Mandatory?'.

    Observe that all variables within container are marked as mandatory.

  5. Populate mandatory variables.

  6. Check 'Hide?'.

    Note that instead of all variables being hidden along with the container, the variables still appear.




Add the following code to the catalog client script to set mandatory variables to false before hiding a container. 

setMandatory('container_name', false); 

Related Problem: PRB728782

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