When loading a form for a record that does not exist, the javascript error "g_form is not defined" appears in the console:

VM2108 js_includes_form_presence.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:313 Uncaught ReferenceError: g_form is not defined
at VM1353 js_includes_form_presence.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:313
at Object.invoke (VM1350 js_includes_ui16_form.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:45)
at VM1350 js_includes_ui16_form.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:46
at q (VM1350 js_includes_ui16_form.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:10)
at fb (VM1350 js_includes_ui16_form.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:46)
at c (VM1350 js_includes_ui16_form.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:24)
at Object.Gc [as bootstrap] (VM1350 js_includes_ui16_form.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:24)
at Object.bootstrap (js_includes_last_doctype.jsx?v=10-04-2017_1643&lp=Thu_Oct_12_14_50_36_PDT_2017&c=15_241:7430)
at initAngularForm (
at z_last_include.js?v=2:5

Steps to Reproduce


1) Open an incident record on a test, out of box instance.
2) Duplicate the browser tab and delete the incident record in the new tab.
3) On the first tab right-click the form header and Reload the form.

Notice the form reloads with a "record not found" info notification. This is expected and by design.
Notice the unexpected JavaScript error thrown in the console:
"g_form is undefined"
This can also be reproduced while running tests in the Automated Test Framework plugin, used as part of a test suite. After the required upgrade, reorder the tests that fail until the error stops occurring, so the tests can pass.


This problem is fixed in the London release, no workaround or back-porting patches are available for the current versions.

Related Problem: PRB1239636

Seen In

SR - Security - Integration Framework - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - Security - Support Orchestration - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - SIR - Store SecOps Setup Assistant - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - VR - Qualys - New York 2019 Q3
SR - VR - Vulnerability Response - New York 2019 Q3

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