The Cascade List Collector Variable does not cascade to the Catalog Item like the Single Line Text Variable.


Steps to Reproduce

Login a pre-Kingston instance with Service Portal.
1. Create Variable set (for example: List Collector Set)
2. Create a List Collector Variable:software and a Single Line Text Variable:description in the Variable set in step 1(List Collector Set)
3. Create a Catalog Item:"List Collector Test", add the Variable Set:List Collector Set to it.
4. Create a Order Guide:"List Collector Test Order Guide" with Cascade Variables selected. Add the Variable Set(List Collector Set) to the Order Guide.
5. In the Order Guide(List Collector Test Order Guide), Create a Rule base with the Catalog Item (List Collector Test) selected in the "Include this Item" field.
6: On Service Portal, searching the Order Guide(List Collector Test Order Guide) and open the page
7. Select a item on List Collector Variable:Software and typing the words in Single Line Text Variable:description on the page
8. The description carries the value of Single Line Text Variable, but the List Collector Variable does not.


This issue does not exist on the new Order Guide widget since Kingston. No fix will be deployed in the legacy deprecated widget up until Jakarta.


Related Problem: PRB1244155

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 6

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