This is an expected behavior. It happens when the filter condition is(dynamic) - One of my groups returns all the groups of the user and also the parent groups associated with these groups.

The dynamic filter is returning all the groups that a user is part of and also the parents of these groups. 


  • One way to achieve the solution could be to write a custom function that returns only the groups(child) that a user is part of.
  • This function can then be used in the 'Script' field of One of my groups dynamic filter definition.
  • While writing the custom script you can make use of the 'sys_user_grmember' table which has relationship between a user and all the active groups he is part of.
  • Please use the below articles for reference:
  • Changing or Creating a new getMyGroups() function
  • Advanced 'getMyGroups' function  ( NOTE: The scripts are examples to achieve the custom requirements. The examples shown in community links are not owned or tested by ServiceNow)

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:40:13