To modify / customize the BSM Node Icons used for the CI in CI Relations section and on the Dependency MAP.


Follow these steps to create a new map icon:
  1. Load the image into the instance:
    1. Navigate to System UI > Images
    2. Click New
    3. Name you uploaded image with the following folder path:
      • "images/keylines_bsm_map/example.png" instead of "example.png"
      • "images/app.ngbsm/example.png"
      Note that the images are stored as:
      • images/keylines_bsm_map - for the BSM Map
      • images/app.ngbsm - for the CI Relations
  2. Create map icons:
    1. Go to the table called [ngbsm_ci_icons] (Navigate to https://<instance-name>
    2. Create a new record by clicking on New
    3. Enter a Label
    4. Add the URL of the image [as per above step]
  3. Create an Icon for CI Type
    1. Go to the table called [ngbsm_ci_type_icon]
    2. Create a new record by clicking on New
    3. Select the CI type [which is a class]
    4. Select you new Icon as created in the above step
    5. The URL will be populated automatically
  4. Please make sure that there is only one Icon for any CI type
  5. Flush the cache (for example running "")
  6. Test the Dependency Map for the newly added icon now


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