When using the Advanced script field to build a list of users or groups approvals in the Approval - User or Approval - Group activity, scripts that return a list of user or group IDs no longer trigger approvals to be created. Returning a list of user or group sys_ids works.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a flow on the incident table that contains an Approval - Group activity, and set that activity's Advanced additional approver script to:

     answer = [];
    answer.push('CAB Approval');

    You can instead import the attached workflow if desired.

  2. Create a new incident that will trigger a flow execution

  3. The flow should generate user approvals for Abraham Lincoln and all the members of the CAB approval group.




  1. Update the two methods in the script include WorkflowApprovalUtils with the following code:

    _isValidUser: function(id) {
       var usr = new GlideRecord("sys_user"); 
       var query = usr.addQuery("sys_id", id); 
       query.addOrCondition("user_name", id);
       return usr.hasNext();
    _isValidGroup: function(id) {
       var ugr = new GlideRecord("sys_user_group"); 
       var query = ugr.addQuery("sys_id", id); 
       query.addOrCondition("name", id);
       return ugr.hasNext();
  2. Remove the related Customer Update [sys_update_xml] record, so that this file will receive future updates.



Related Problem: PRB1244790

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