Gauge widgets for the platform homepage are now showing the list breadcrumb filters since the Kingston release. This was not the default behaviour in earlier releases.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log into a Kingston or later instance
  2. Navigate to your homepage 
  3. Click on Add Content
  4. On the list selection page choose: Gauges > Task > Unassigned Work
  5. Choose an area to add the gauge to by clicking on the Add here options
  6. Close the selection page so that the gauge is added to your homepage


Observe the gauge widget shows the breadcrumb filters as below:


This behaviour is by design. Gauge lists are legacy, no longer supported since Fuji, and replaced by report lists instead. These do all the same, but even more and are supported. Obsolete gauges have not been deleted from the system, but administrators can not create new gauges anymore.


If you wish to revert to the previous behavior where Filters were hidden for Gauges on Homepages, use a List Control:

  1. Create a List control for the table your Gauge is for.
  2. In the 'Omit Filter Condition' field (you may need to add it to the form), use this script:
    var view = RP.getReferringURL();
    answer = true;
    answer = false;
  3. Save.
  4. Clear the instance cache for this change to take effect.

Related Problem: PRB1255449

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