When set to the Customer Service application, attempting to configure the fields that appear in the activity formatter does not save the changes. This is due to the glide.ui.sn_customerservice_case_activity.fields system property being set to a global scope.

The following error appears:
Not allowing update of property: glide.ui.sn_customerservice_case_activity.fields

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Activate the following plugins:

    • Customer Service
    • Customer Service Management Demo Data
  2. Switch the application scope to Customer Service.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Application scope.

  3. Navigate to Customer Service > Cases > All.

  4. Open any existing record.

  5. Configure the activity formatter and add a new field to display (for example, active)

    Note that the new field is not displayed in the activity formatter. Also, the following error appears:

    "Not allowing update of property: glide.ui.sn_customerservice_case_activity.fields".




Make the changes from a global application scope.

  1. Switch to a global application.

  2. Configure the activity formatter.

    A prompt appears containing the following message: "This record is in the Global application, but Global is the current application. To edit this record click here."

  3. Click the link on the word "here".

  4. Make the desired changes and click Save.


Related Problem: PRB1260555

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