ServiceNow Express - Max Length of Import Set fields

  • Uploading records using easy import in a string field truncates the string to 40 characters by default
  • This happens even if the max length of the field on the form is set to more than 40
  • The length of the string imported depends on the max length of that field in the import set table
  • If the string length exceeds the import set field max length, the string is truncated in the import set table itself
  • In this case, the max length of the field in the import set needs to be increased instead as by default it is set to 40

To locate the import set field:

  1. Navigate to https://<instance> as admin
  2. Set the filter as: Table starts with u_imp AND Column name contains <field_name> [screenshot 1]
  3. Open the required record
  4. Set the max length to desired value [screenshot 2]
  5. Update

Import the data in the table using easy import method again.

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Last Updated:2018-03-13 09:49:51